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Used machines of Homag Group

Automatic storages

Optimization of furniture board and panel storage. Discover advanced HOMAG automated storage systems that revolutionize storage processes in your company. Ensure efficient space management, quick access to materials, and optimization of operations.

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Panel saws

Precision and quality in every cut. HOMAG panel saws for panel cutting and labeling machines. Our machines offer fast and accurate cutting of wood-based materials, enhancing production efficiency.

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Perfect edge finishing for PVC, ABS, and paper (melamine). HOMAG edge banders for narrow surfaces ensure exceptional precision and reliability in edge processing. They guarantee an aesthetic finish and durable joints, meeting the highest quality standards.

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CNC machines

Multifunctional and precise CNC machining centers. HOMAG CNC combines advanced technology and reliability. Thanks to innovative solutions, they ensure precise 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machining, enhancing the efficiency and quality of the produced components.

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Exceptionally efficient drilling. HOMAG drillers are the ideal solution for the woodworking industry, offering unmatched precision and efficiency. Increase your production efficiency and the quality of your products with accurate and fast drilling in various wood-based materials.

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Presses for assembly cabinets

Perfect geometry of assembled cabinets. Discover HOMAG carcass presses, which combine robust construction with the highest assembly precision. Our machines ensure fast and flawless assembly of components, enhancing production quality and optimizing processes.

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Automated packaging with HOMAG offers comprehensive solutions for packing furniture panels and assembled furniture. The machines include equipment for cutting packaging from cardboard, shaping, sealing, and stacking (robots). Additionally, automated packaging lines ensure a fast and efficient packaging process.

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Wide belt sanders for calibration and surface finishing. Advanced and precise machines that ensure perfect processing of wooden and wood-based surfaces. Ideal for calibration, final sanding, and intermediate sanding operations.

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Other machines and equipment

See what else we have prepared. In our remaining offer: return conveyors for edge banders, load and unload systems, along with other machines, equipment, and accessories.

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Used Machines from the Homag Group

Discover the advantages of STREFA SELECT certified machines from Strefa CNC

Strefa CNC offers a unique opportunity to purchase used machines that have undergone a comprehensive refurbishment process, regeneration, and STREFA SELECT certification. Our machines are carefully selected and renewed according to the highest quality standards. All repairs are performed by industry professionals and service technicians. Each machine in our offer goes through 10 stages, including:

  1. thorough inspection of service history,
  2. meticulous cleaning,
  3. technical review,
  4. selection – identifying parts for replacement,
  5. replacement of identified components,
  6. personalization and modifications,
  7. trials and testing,
  8. technical acceptance by the customer,
  9. installation and training,
  10. provision of warranty.

STREFA SELECT certified machines from Strefa CNC ensure reliability and performance comparable to new equipment. It is important to note that we take exceptional care to ensure that our machines meet the highest customer expectations and are ready for operation immediately after installation. As a result, our customers can rely on long-term and trouble-free use of the machines, and we additionally offer a one-month warranty on replaced parts.

Good and Reliable Machines for the Furniture Industry

Discover Homag machines and technology:

Brandt, Holzma, Friz, Ligmatech, Weeke, Bütfering, Bargstedt, Loopteq, Feedteq, Storeteq

Contact us to learn more about our STREFA SELECT certified machines and see how we can support the growth of your company.

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