June 08, 2021

Cleaning by dry ice

In an article today we want to tell something about ecology, and more about our activities on improving situation our planet. As a brand, we are getting used to being conscious of corporate social responsibility We hope that by our activities and involving we get case in point. Today we will tell about this part of work at the machine is cleaning.

Before we will start to renovate the machine we clean it removing stains and dirty made by the exploitation machine for several years. Currently exist many opportunities for cleaning different kinds of devices. Because of special kind of our profession, we can’t use water or sand for cleaning machines. We are conscious about ecology, so we don’t use in our processing substations which would generate production toxic wastewater and dirty, unsuitable for recycling cleaning cloth. In process of cleaning the machine, we don’t use toxic intermediates, solvents, detergents, or other chemicals.

So how do we clean our machines?

Cleaning by the dry ice is the first stage of work with machines. The machine working for several years has many contaminations, residues of glue, half-product, preservatives, and many more another different kind of contaminations. Cleaning by using dry ice leads us for overcleaning any contamination without needs making cleaning after cleaning, how it is by sandblasting.

How cleaning by dry ice is working?

Dry ice is a product in the form of pellets. The first part of cleaning is compensation, next under pressure cells achieve a speed higher than 150 m/s. Pellet has a low temperature (about – 79 Celcius grad), whit this reason and kinetic energy followed by getting low flexible, and in consequence cracking detachment contamination. Detached cells are transformed in form of liquid to gaseous. In this process, contaminations will be detached in so sensitive way it will not results in damages to the surface area.

Cleaning by the dry ice is eco-friendly because:

during the process are not used harmful substances, intermediates, chemicals, and solvents.

not makes generating secondary wastes like empty solvent containers, dirty cleaning cloth, and toxic wastewater.

simply disposal is the next advantage of cleaning by dry ice. After finished cleaning by dry ice only what is necessary to do is to wipe up dirt, which can just sweep or vacuum off the floor.

By cleaning by the dry ice we avoid generating additional wastes, don’t use pollute substantial, and contribute to improved quality of the environment, by limiting waste production.

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