June 08, 2021

Used is the best

Knows for a long time that people generate countless quantity wastes, rubbish, and polluted substations. The results of the research by experts are alarming. If we will not come to terms in time and do not start to care about the reduction of generating polluted substations and decompose by long time rubbish, in a short time we will have to get used to seeing a dump behind our window.

Recycling, less waste, and zero waste – in short about what are we getting used to being more eco-friendly in Strefa CNC.

The meaning of the word recycling is probably not necessary for explaining nowadays for anybody, but really popular last time words as zero waste and less waste are still mysterious for a lot of people. Zero Waste and Less Waste are getting famous but how implement these rules in our life? In summary, is going on to get used to generating as little rubbish as is possible. How will do that? Is a simple way – just to start for changing our habituations. Drop using a plastic tube during visiting in a restaurant, purchases of well quality ecological bags made out cotton or materials come from recycling and using them during shopping every day, avoid to dring water from a plastic bottle, choose them from the filter – it is an only few simple examples you can use in your life, and using them every day by all year makes reduce generating rubbish and wastes. You can ask how whit this everything in the business doing to sell used machines. We will explain it in short in this article today.

The second life of the used machine

Purchase a new machine for wood processing – veneer, drill, or CNC machines or however other technologies is connected with producing a new device and element of the casing. The new machine of Homag Group is working for a customer mostly by a few or several years without any break. After this time many customers decide to change machine on a new one by any reason – because of current machine is not too much efficient to keep up for getting bigger production by the years, or maybe customer needs more modern technology or other improvements which are guaranteed only by purchase a new machine. And now is the question what should we do whit the current machine? Does not exist any other solution for a customer than disposal or scrapping used machine, because after several years it is completely exploited? Not necessarily.

Choose used, means less waste in your plant

Machines of Homag Group are well quality tools, it means that after overhaul the machines will work for another customer by next several years. Many parts of the machine need only cleaning, conservation, and refreshing because even if they are working for several years are not served wear (e.g. case part). In Strefa CNC we care about machine after overhaul can be used by the customer by the next several years. It means we have checked every part of machine needings exchange for a new one and we overhaul in the next step. Thanks to that, after a few months of intense work our team, cooperating with the service of Homag Group, can offer our customer full texted tool in quality the same as has a new one machine of Homag Group. This way we lead to use a new machine which will work for new customer by several years. So that is not necessary to the scrapping of used machine, instead of a few tone wastes, we generate only that made by exchanging used part for a new one. This is exactly like an idea of less waste, isn’t it?

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